My Family

My Family
The beautiful King Family

Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh the amazment of my troop.

So since my last post things have been odd. We turned over responsibility of duties to the unit replacing us. Well soon after our commander decided to volunteer us for a duty that in my opinion is not a factual threat.

So our troop and ONLY our troop is putting 8 men in the towers with 2 other ugandans. I had to do this yesterday morning. Wow that was 12 hours of my life i will not get back..

Now Along with this my wife has been ill. I hate that she is ill because I love taking care of her. Also our son has been a brat the last 24 hours and I hope that he gets better. A sick wife who has to deal with a 3 year old who refuses to work with her is not a good combination.

Well today is the 19th and from all we have been told we will be leaving in a week or so fro Kuwait. Of course knowing this place and Regiment that could change every hour. So who knows.

Anne Marie my wife has made a list of movies and tv series to watch. I sent home a good bit to her and I am excited to sit down with her and spend time with each other. We have plans already set up and things we plan on doing when i get home. I can not wait.

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